Terra Conservation Initiative to deliver sustainable technologies that protect our environment, wildlife, and vulnerable ecosystems.

Austin, Texas—March 14, 2019—Austin, Texas based Terra Conservation Initiative (, is proud to announce that it has partnered with rabble, ( to provide the global community with a direct conduit to support international conservation and wildlife protection focused non-profit and government organizations.

Terra supplies conservationists and anti-poaching rangers that are working in remote, austere environments with cuttingedge technologies to combat wildlife poaching and trafficking as well as to support large, ongoing conservation initiatives.

Importantly, contributors to the rabble platform empower Terra’s partners to focus on advancing the important work they do in the field daily.

The Terra Conservation Initiative is collaborating with some of the world’s most innovative, impactful organizations, who understand the symbiosis between wildlife, ecosystems and humanity. These organizations, such as the UNDP, Freeland Foundation, ICORP, Ngaren and the Turkana Basin Institute, represent intent and integrity and were selected specifically because of their ability to turn support into meaningful, sustained impact.

“Terra Conservation Initiative, by joining forces with rabble, empowers anyone, anywhere who is passionate about conservation, anti-poaching, wildlife trafficking, and sustainable technology with the ability to invest in communities on the front line of defending our most precious resources. Each initiative is unique and so are the needs: training for K-9 units to protect wildlife in South Africa, portable solar tech for rangers in remote areas in Thailand or counter-poaching systems in Southeast Asia. Our easy to use donation portal comes with our commitment to transparency with clearly articulated outcomes and needs. We deliver live-time, real world impact stories to donors to understand exactly how their investment made an impact. Most importantly, our partners engage directly with local communities. In many cases, our tech will provide much-needed economic benefit. Making a difference, defending our fragile eco-systems and endangered wildlife populations, has never been more accessible. What will your legacy be? Join us by making a contribution now and be a champion for the planet!” said Kim Langbecker, Executive Director of Terra Conservation Initiative.

The Terra + rabble partnership implements a nuanced approach to sustainability that recognizes the symbiotic relationship between humanity, wildlife and the natural world. By providing state of the art technology to the organizations Terra works with, new populations gain access to 21st-century sustainable, net-zero energy systems designed to save money and resources in complex, austere landscapes, from oceans to mountains to wetlands to deserts.

Rabble has established a long-term collaboration with sustainable tech leaders Terra to bring future wave solutions to address our planet’s most complex challenges. With Terra’s Conservation Initiative we aim to deliver sustainable products + technologies that protect our environment, wildlife and delicate ecosystems. Our first initiatives include a net zero museum, forest conservation and sustainable technologies that improve our planet; by showing that these technologies work in extreme conditions we hope to show that they deserve to be mainstream,” said Umber Bawa, the CEO of rabble.

Terra and rabble are committed to creating structures for collaborative conservation; an approach that views conservation as investment into communities. In myriad ways, this partnership empowers individuals and populations to participate in building a newer, mightier future. From individuals who want to provide support through contributions on rabble, to the individuals in local communities who use and demonstrate Terra’s sustainable technologies, everyone is given a way to impact our world for the better. A global village in practice.

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The Terra Conservation Initiative partners with organizations across the globe to deliver sustainable technologies that protect our environment, wildlife, and vulnerable ecosystems.

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Rabble is a curated investment and giving platform for initiatives, projects, and businesses that contribute to economic and social sustainability and global resilience.

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