About Us

Designing Intelligent Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Committed to Making a Positive Impact on the Planet

Terra is an opportunistic investment group engaged in the creation, acquisition, ownership, management and operation of private businesses and commercial real estate.

We believe embracing a holistic, healthy lifestyle means finding solutions that help your body and the planet thrive. That means nourishing ourselves with products that come from nature, not factories. 

The Terra Conservation Initiative delivers sustainable products, solutions, and technologies that protect our environment, wildlife, and vulnerable ecosystems.

Terra’s sustainable solutions are American made with a focus on customizable, scalable, and efficient technologies seamlessly integrated with machine learning. 

EXPLORE Expeditions, with the Terra Ambassadors, will all present unique challenges… Remote world’s seen by few demand a high level of advanced work in conditioning and specialized training in The Arts of Exploration.

LSX is a disruptive, next generation, autonomous, blockchain-based collateral management system that does not hold collateral of any kind. Rather, it offers the technology to achieve the same result in a distributed manner, along with proper user interfaces, education and order facilitation for the user to take advantage of blockchain-based collateral management.

About Us

Terra is a global leader in sustainability, specializing in the integration and implementation of energy, transportation, life and safety products and solutions worldwide.

Customized to meet the most complex requirements and scaled to support the largest enterprise and manufacturing operations, our professionally engineered systems and solutions are employed on every continent in commercial applications, government, conservation, exploration and more.



Water Generation

Container Farms



AI and AR

Mobile Power

Air Purification

LED Lighting



Customization, Engineering and Maintenance

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Digital Analytics and Consulting Services

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Our Team

TERRA is a partnership of experienced executives, investors, military veterans, conservationists and explorers. Each team member has a proven track record with a core vision for value creation, exceptional performance, innovation, inspiration, entrepreneurism and, most importantly, providing a meaningful and lasting impact on our planet.

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