Terra Conservation Initiative  |  Technology

Mr. Alex Huff has over 20 years experience as a tech entrepreneur and CEO. He has a history of pioneering trends within crowdfunding, community building, and gamification along a path parallel to the birth of the internet and major shits in society’s use of new technology. His entrepreneurial journey has included managing teams of developers, sales, venture funding, UI/UX, engineering and infrastructure. Mr. Huff is currently the Founder and CEO of Givvor (, a platform dedicated to revolutionizing giving by empowering donors, driving ongoing engagement and developing a marketplace of nonprofits for the next century. The platform currently enables donor communities for over 1.8 million nonprofits integrated with cutting edge financial and communication capabilities that brings scalability to philanthropy. After starting his first company in college, designing early pre-web sites for early companies on the internet, he has founded or been part of the forming team of over a dozen different tech companies ranging from online communities, virtual economies and industry ecosystems. Accomplishments include; historically successful independent crowdfunding campaign, digital products for Fortune 500 companies, the first syndicated CMS, creating and managing virtual economies and pioneering many technology applications ubiquitous today. These pursuits have led to innovations in revenue models, content delivery, two patents and raising millions in venture funding. Other pursuits include; early public wifi networks, community technology centers, author, committee member Anu Family Services, Marketing Committee Big Brothers Big Sisters, and founding member of Responsible Business Group.