Modular Farms


Sustainable Farming Systems, In Any Climate

Terra Thrive Modular Farms are low-cost and high-output solutions that can be deployed anywhere to provide output year-round with the highest ROI in the industry, bar none. Grow up to 4,600 lbs of the freshest, purest greens possible–with zero carbon footprint and 20 gallons of water per day. These containers utilize LED lighting – very uniquely calibrated, cutting edge tech to maximize growth

Thrive On Freshness

Terra Thrive Modular Farms enable you to grow premium produce of the highest nutritional content on a very small footprint, steps away from where you consume or package it. Quality, freshness, and sustainability has never been more cost-effective or easier, as most units pay for themselves in less than 12 months and can be placed on less than 250 sq ft.

Container Farm Integration


Terra can integrate the container farms with artificial iintelligence and augmented reality to control temperature, humidity, and growing environment.

Teams can utilize head sets for Container Farm set up and just-in-time, real time maintenance help, hands free and video enabled, in the field.



One 20’ Thrive Farm Cube with 10 solar panels plus inverter has an estimated 4,600 lbs of produce annually.

One 28’ Thrive Mobile Farm with 12 solar panels plus inverter has an estimated 6,900 lbs of produce annually.


Terra’s wind tulips can power both the 20′ Thrive Farm Cube and the 28′ Thrive Mobile Farm.


The farm container requires between 20 and 28 gallons of water per day. With water generation integration, the farm container can reach a zero carbon footprint.

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