Partner, LSX Exchange & SAF

Mr. Luther has a strong background in global finance, capital markets, and global investment funds. Much of his career has centered around the global real estate industry, and he has lived and worked extensively throughout Latin America, Asia and the US.

He served as President of Heritage, a large-scale, residential land development company, owned by Verde Realty (former CEO of Security Capital), Goldman Sachs, Fortress, and Vornado and served as Vice President of Security Capital Group, a publicly-traded, $26B real estate fund. In Latin America, he served as Vice President of Santander Investment, co-managing the capital markets group. He is highly experienced in agricultural, beef and timber businesses and investment strategies. He is a founding partner in SAF HK Limited, www.southamericanfeed.com, an Argentina-based agricultural and food products trading company, with extensive networks in the agricultural and food production industries throughout Latin America, primarily Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, and large commodity buyers in Asia. He also remains as a partner of OsmoConnect, a water purification company in Argentina.

Over the last 18 months, since returning from Argentina, he has become very focused on the senior care real estate sector. He received an MBA from The Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Finance and a BA from Duke University in Latin American and Asian Studies. He is fluent in Spanish, is married to an MD from Argentina, and has three daughters in high school.