LED Lighting System


Lighting Up the Night

Terra’s LED Lighting System integrates advanced LED lighting technology with wireless control capabilities and an energy management platform to provide up to 80% energy savings to customers in the high-mast lighting market. The Management System is a cloud-based asset management, monitoring, and reporting interface that provides unprecedented control for enterprise lighting operations enhancing productivity, safety, and security.

Sustainable Integration

Terra’s LED lighting systems can be powered by solar panels. Solar combined with the energy efficiency of the LED technology significantly reduces the carbon footprint of high mast lighting.

LED Lighting Systems Technology


Our high-quality controls and sensors empower the Internet of Things by seamlessly connecting to 3rd party luminaires, systems, and networks. By offering automation, control, analytics, and reporting under a centralized lighting management platform our IoT solution delivers up to 80% energy savings for our customers. Our LC211 Wireless Controller plugs into a standard NEMA C136.41 twist-lock receptacle and allows remote on/off powering, dimming control down to 10%, and monitors Watts, Amps, Power Factor, kWhours, and lamp maintenance information. Our MC102 Motion Sensor allows facility optimization through use occupancy sensing and generates significant energy savings while providing essential safety and security. All data is collected by an IoT Gateway which provides secure, encrypted communication to the Terra Management System.


The LED Light Management System is a next-generation lighting management platform that offers comprehensive adaptive controls, current and historical energy usage data, predictive maintenance information, and event-based scheduling. The system provides customers with unprecedented control of their energy investment down to the network, zone, and individual luminaire level while achieving an additional 25-30% in energy savings and extending the life of the luminaires. Using the LED Light Management System with our durable, solid-state LED luminaires helps customers significantly reduce operating expense while maximizing the capabilities of their lighting infrastructure.


LED fixtures provide maximum performance and durability for harsh operating environments with a product lifetime over 100,000 hours. Constructed from AL5052 aluminum and 304 stainless steel our weatherproof enclosures offer a UV-resistant powder coat finish that is AAMA 2603 and ROHS compliant. Our Nova Series LED products dramatically reduce energy costs by 50% when compared to traditional HID lighting. Utilizing the latest in solid-state LED technology and high-performance led drivers, we build longevity and reliability into all of our products while still providing a cost effective lighting solution for your needs.

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