Honorary Advisor – Terra Conservation Initiative
Founder of Ngaren

Richard Leakey is a leading paleoanthropologist and has dedicated his life to conservation, advancing Kenya’s interests and the public understanding of science. His work as Head of the Kenya Wildlife Service and Wildlife Direct has attracted international attention and recognition including the Isaac Asimov Award from the American Humanist Association, the Hubbard Medal, election to the position of Fellow of the Royal Society and the Tusk 2017 Legacy Award among innumerable other awards given in recognition of pioneering work and distinguished service.

His time working in conservation and paleoanthropology has been punctuated by spells as a politician, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Kenyan Civil Service. Dr Leakey currently serves as Chair of the Turkana Basin Institute. His legacy of and continued participation in Kenyan public life as well as his distinguished career as a public intellectual provides a pre-existing internal logic to the aims of the Ngaren project and the establishment of a visitor attraction to Kenya.

The sheer scope of Ngaren reflects the dynamism and driving ambition that have driven Dr Leakey throughout his life.