The Terra team would like to welcome you to our technological revolution against the world’s economic, environmental, and conservation focused problems. Terra is tackling shortages, availability, quality and environmental concerns associated with agriculture, communications, energy, light, water and more worldwide.

By using Terra’s patented and fully integrated sustainable technology systems, businesses, governments and non-profits can be confident that their supply of agriculture, communications, energy, light, water and more will not only be cost effective and efficient, but also clean, secure and plentiful far into the future.

The applications for Terra’s innovative technological solutions also extend to the developing world. With millions of people in need, Terra is able to design and deploy secure, sustainable systems around the globe.

Standing firmly at the intersection of Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Sustainable Technologies, TERRA:


  • Customizes for the Most Complex Requirements
  • Increases Efficiencies
  • Reduces Costs
  • Scales for Operations to Meet Any Budget
  • Integrates with Machine Learning and / or Augmented Reality and Blockchain to solve critical problems, including monitoring and recording usage and payments, as well as predictive analysis for future energy requirements and more.

Featured Technologies

Examples of Terra technologies include, but are not limited to:

Clean Energy (inclusive of Geothermal, Solar and Wind), Communications, Energy Storage, Electric Utility Vehicles (Light / Neighborhood & Heavy), Lighting, Air Purification, Water Purification and Treatment, and Waste to Energy Systems.

Wind: Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT)

VAWTs are two-bladed, patent-pending and patent-granted with extremely cost-effective aerodynamics, producing clean energy from any direction at low speeds. They are silent, vibration-free, bird-safe, long-lasting and integrate seamlessly in urban or rural settings.

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Terra’s telecommunications systems have the ability to connect to multiple networks, using flexible antenna mounting to position for maximize range and ensuring coverage no matter how remote.

Light Electric Vehicles

Terra’s electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, reliable, and virtually maintenance-free utility vehicles. With their range, zero emissions, superior quality electrical components, and simplified maintenance procedures, these vehicles will let you spend more time getting the job done and less time with repair and maintenance.

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Modular Farms

Terra’s Modular Farms are low-cost and high-output solutions that can be deployed anywhere to provide output year-round with the highest ROI in the industry, bar none. Grow up to 4,600 lbs of the freshest, purest greens possible–with zero carbon footprint and 20 gallons of water per day. These containers utilize LED lighting – very uniquely calibrated, cutting edge tech to maximize growth.

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High Capacity Energy Storage

Storage units are able to store power from any source, including solar, wind and more, for a multitude of applications ranging from smaller off-grid scenarios to larger multi megawatt micro-grid applications.

Water Generation

” We will not know the worth of water ’till the well is dry.“

Terra deploys technologically advanced Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG).  These unique devices utilize a patented air purification input system to produce clean, great-tasting, safe water from the humidity in the air.  Sizes include small to industrial-sized water units using a modular design that can produce up to thousands of gallons of water each day from ambient air.

Waste to Energy

Clean Energy from the World’s Waste

Terra provides versatile and easy to operate technological solutions that transform stranded and discarded waste into energy and other useful products.  This technology reduces the reliance on fossil fuels, decreases harmful emissions and is a superior, more economically viable and environmentally sound option to landfill and earlier waste destruction and energy creation processes. No waste pre-treatment is required. The modular design makes it suitable for small projects of just a few tons per day, up to larger municipal projects of 1000 tons per day or more. 

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