Water Security, Self Reliance & Independence

Terra’s Atmospheric Water Generation (“AWG”) solutions range from smaller residential systems capable of producing approximately 38 liters per day up to large scale systems with the capacity to produce approximately 10,500 liters of water per day.

The world needs more fresh, potable water. Many communities around the world struggle with contaminated ground systems, including aquifers and wells. They are water stressed. In addition, hospitals, food growing and processing plants, disaster relief agencies, and the military, to name a few, rely on fresh water for successful service. 

Water Generation Features

  • Air to water generators condense outside air, collect the water in a UV-protected chamber and store it in a continuously ozonated holding tank.

  • Water drawn from the tank is then filtered through a sediment filter, carbon block filter and passed through an ultraviolet sanitation light.

Water Generation Integration


Terra can integrate water generation units with artificial intelligence and augmented reality to control operating parameters, view diagnostics, and verify efficiency.


Terra’s water generation units can be powered using solar power to reduce your carbon footprint.


Terra’s wind tulips can power the water generation units reducing the need for traditional power sources.

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